Prayer Requests

Seth M. Post
February 20, 2014
Please pray that the Lord will purify my life. If Iím honest with myself, Iíve had a problem with porn on and off for the last 8 or so years. Iíve used internet filters, Iíve tried accountability partners, Iíve tried destroying the computer, nothingís helped. So Iíve contacted a Christian ministry that helps people out of this, called Blazing Grace, which has a support group, about joining. Iíve texted and called them, no response yet. Please pray that if theyíre the one, theyíll respond. Pray for Godís hand on this, and for God to help me find a way completely, permanently out of this problem. Iím an Army medic stationed in Ft Carson. I grew up in a missionary family, I have devotions regularly, seek the Lord, and Iíve started doing Bible teaching, and Iíve started discovering that I have a powerful gift in this area. People are saying they think maybe Iím called to become a pastor, but I think I need to step down and throw it away because I canít be teaching with this sin in my life. Iím sad, because I donít know why I havenít overcome this, and for years I havenít dated because I thought it was cruel to head towards marriage with a Godly Christian girl when I had this problem, and I donít know how I could possibly head towards my calling. Iím 29. Please pray for me about this, and pray that the Lord will remove the guilt enough so I can live and function. Thanks.
Seth M. Post
September 3, 2012
I have some very important unspoken prayer requests that I've written up on paper. Please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer everything I've written on that paper, according to His will. Also, pray that everywhere I send this prayer request, God will draw powerful prayer warriors to pray fervently for it with great faith. Thanks.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 26, 2007
Please pray for bro. Theodis diabetic. Just had part of his foot removed.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 13, 2007
Please pray for Andrew Lewis. He has been diagnosed with a rare chemical reaction to meds called SJS/TENS.
Thank you,
Lewis Family