Our History

In 2005, while in Baton Rouge, LA, Dr. Kenneth Sesley had a dramatic encounter with the Lord while ministering at a Fellowship Covenant Ministries International conference.  During this time, Pastor Sesley heard what seemed to be an audible voice calling him to apostolic ministry!

The Word of the Lord came unto him saying: 

Apostle! Apostle! Apostle! I have called you to the office of Apostle! Then he heard in his belly that night these words: "The thing that you've have just gone through was to move you out of a rut, out of a comfort zone to where and what I have for youI have called you to be an apostle. I have called you to the nations of the world as well. You will both plant and birth churches, not just in Compton, Lake Elsinore or California, but across America and even around the world. I showed you this all the way back before you went to Rhema Bible College, but you lost sight of it and forgot about it. This incident was to stir you up and move you out of your comfort zone. I am not through with you yet... this is a time of New Beginnings for you"

Then just as dramatically, upon his return home, he called one of his proteges (Pastor Danir Ashley) to give him some help with some things, but Pastor Ashley gave him these words:

The Lord told me to tell that "What you went through, THIS TRIAL and tribulation was sent from the enemy to test you, but that GOD had ALLOWED IT TO MOVE YOU OUT OF THE PLACE OF COMFORT so that YOU will PRESS INTO THE PLACE THAT HE COULD SPEAK TO YOU. This was the last thing that enemy would be able to try before God's promotion and elevation could come. Pastor the Lord says that you are about to go to another level in Him spiritually, that you have not been before. At this next level God will take your name and spread it all over the city of Compton and all over the world. People will wonder who you are and where you came from. GREAT FAVOR IS ON YOU, both in Compton, Lake Elsinore and WHEREVER YOU DECIDE TO GO. Pastor Ashley spoke of great favor several times. Pastor Ashley went on to say to me that he saw MINISTRIES COMING OUT OF ME AND A WORLD WIDE MINISTRY with buildings and property all over the world. He also said that the Lord said that I AM TO PREACH AND TEACH RIGHT WHERE I AM AND TO NOT HOLD BACK for that wisdom would set many people free. Also, WE WOULDN'T BE IN THIS BUILDING LONG, but don't just be focused on a building in Compton. THE LORD IS GIVING YOU A BUILDING. You will have buildings wherever you go. For the Lord is giving you many ministries and a worldwide ministry. He said that God told him to tell me to be encouraged and keep the faith that I have in Him, and to tell the devil that God is not finished with me yet. "Don't change who you are once you are there and there is no one like you on T.V. or radio.  So be prepared for this new recognition and new people in your life".

Finally, while attending a conference in Santa Ana, California Dr. Sesley received this dramatic prophecy from a man he had never met before, Apostle Rick Zachary:

"Architect, Architect, Architect. Now I don't know you, but I keep hearing the word Architect. Don't get me wrong...I don't mean that you are literally an architect and that not what I mean to say or imply...but I keep hearing over and over again in my spirit God saying that He has called you to be an architect in the Kingdom of God. The Lord is going to begin to give you strategies and systems that will advance and build the Kingdom of God, and this conference is just the beginning. So don't be limited to just what you have learned in this conference. This is just the beginning of the knowledge and skills that you will need. Now the Lord says that He is about to begin multiplying your ministry and you will be responsible for the planting of many churches across this nation and around this world and for helping pastors understand God's strategic plans for church planting and building the His Kingdom. Now your ministry will not always be the biggest...in fact I don't sense that you have a desire or feel that you always have to be the biggest ministry in town. In some places you will e and in others you won't necessarily be the biggest...but the Lord says, that the quality of ministry and anointing does not and will not come behind anyone anywhere. The Lord says that there is a real quality in your heart and quality in your ministry. The Lord said that He has placed in you a desire to help pastors and other ministers to become all that they can be for the kingdom of God and He is going to use you greatly in this area. I also see ministers coming around you and up under you to receive of the wisdom and impartations of the quality of anointing that the Lord has placed within you. I also see you building teams or networks to help ministers build the Kingdom of God.

On January 22, 2006, what is now known as Calvary Fellowship International began with a handful of members at Ambler Elementary School, in Carson, CA.  Things went well, and the church began to grow almost weekly during those first two years, however, due to a building project in acted by the school, we were forced to move to a local park to hold our services.  Following this were difficult times, due to the fact that the park was not the most conducive place for holding a church serivice and much of that early momentum was lost.
However Pastor Sesley spent the next year and a half faithfully ministering to those who remained and working on the ministry and developing the systems that are necessary to make CFI a vibrant ministry.  As Pastor Sesley worked on the systems of the church, God began to supernaturally supply the needs of the church! 
2010 was really a year of growth and change for KAFCI.  We moved from Hemingway Park into the beautiful Double Tree Hotel in the Summer of 2010.  And, between Easter and Christmas of 2010, KAFCI began picking up momentum.  We have since relocated to the new renovated Motel 6 Hotel where our vision continues to unfold and expand and we continue to gain momentum and accelarate as  many lives continue to be impacted and permanently changed by the power of God working through Pastor Kenneth, our Ministry Team and the leaders and members of Calvary Fellowship International!