About Dr. Kenneth Sesley


Kenneth Sesley was born in Los Angeles and spent most of his early life growing up in Compton, CA. However, upon the untimely death of his beloved mother Evelyn,he moved to Carson to live with an older brother and his wife. He graduated from Carson High School in 1979. It was duringhis senior year in High School that he received Christ at a small church in Lynwood, CA namedCentury Christian Center, pastored by Dr. G. W. Robinson.

While attending El Camino Junior College, Kenneth heard the call of God to ministry. On Sunday, August 31, 1981, Minister Kenneth Sesley preached his first official sermon. (Actually, he had preached 1 year earlier in the youth day service, at the request of Dr. G. W. Robinson) Then while attending Cal State University of Dominguez Hills, he was instructed, by the Lord, to attend RHEMA Bible College in Tulsa, OK, where He graduated in 1983. Pastor Sesley continued his education and in 1995, Dr. Sesley earned a Doctorate of Theology from Christ is the Answer University in Florida.

Reverend Kenneth Sesley served as an assistant pastor at Century Christian Center for severalyears. When he returnedhome, Century Christian Center was averaging about 60 in church. Then, due to the freedom given to him byPastor Robinsonto implement changes insome ofthe systems of the church, and the faithful and energetic efforts of many of the members of Century Christian Center, it grew to an average Sunday morning adult attendanceof 250 in just a year anda half.

This led to Kenneth being asked tobegin ministering throughout Southern California in various venues and nationally in churches and conferences where, sometimes thousands gathered to hear the Word of God!

In 1985, the Lord led Pastor Sesley to establish Compton Christian Fellowship World Outreach Church, which he did in February of 1986. He pastored C.C.F.W.O.C. for almost 20 years. Through C.C.F.W.O.C., thousands were born again, fed andhealed,along with hundreds who were filled with God's power and discipled into God's kingdom.

In 1992, after Dr. Ed Dufresne ministered to pastor Sesley and imparted or releasedthe workings of miracles into his "prophetic mantle". From that time Pastor Sesley's ministry has been marked byan unusual manifestation of the glory of God as demonstrated by miracles, signs and wonders. In fact, the very next week, a retired Marine veteran who had had 2 1/2 inches of bone blown out of his leg during the Vietnam War, was ministered to and the Lord grew the bone out right there before everyone's eyes. Upon his return to the V. A. Hospital they discovered that all new bone had grown from his hip to his knee! Glory to God! Also, thedeaf beganreceiving their hearing, the blind beganseeing and the lamebegan walking,almost immediately after that due to God's glory that has been manifested through thepowerful anointing upon Dr. Sesley.Three years later, in 1995, the Lord revealed to Dr. Sesley that this same manifestation of the Holy Spirit, called the workings of miracles, was in his mantle to bring forth the anointing of multiplication or the anointing of supernatural increase. Since then Dr. Sesley has been used by God with a breakthrough anointing in the financial area.

Pastor Sesley has also been privileged to travel to the mission fieldto share the Good News. Some of Pastor Sesley's accomplishments include being the author of several books, ministering in churches and Convention Centers across America where thousands were in attendance, mentoring young pastors& ministers and being one of the founding members of the Southern California Ministers Fellowship. He hasalso served as an Area Director for the International Convention of Faith Churches and Ministries.In 2001, our Pastor, Dr. Kenneth R. Sesley, was inducted into the City of Compton's Spiritual Walk of Fame, as one of the leading pastors in the Compton! Currently Dr. Sesley is currently the President of the South Bay Ministers' Fellowship and hesat on the Board of Trustees of Fellowship of Covenant Ministries International, and served as the Southwest Regional Director. FCMI was founded by Dr. Philip Goudeaux, Pastor of Calvary Christian Center, in Sacramento, CA, in 2004.

In April of 2005 inBaton Rouge, Louisiana, through a supernatural encounter,the Lord spoke toDr. Sesleyinan audible voice, calling Dr.Sesley's to become a church planter, expanding the call upon his lifeto national and global ministry. This would lead to the establishment ofCalvary Fellowship International and Kenneth Sesley Ministries. In September 2005, the Lord directed Dr. Sesley toplant the first of manyKAFCIchurches inCarson, CA.On January 23, 2006, the first service was held at Ambler Elementary School, in the great city of Carson. There is a two-foldemphasis of KAFCI. The first is "Making Disciples that Multiply, Dominate and whoMake aDifference" in their world and the world around them, throughevangelism, discipleship. The secondis toPlant and Birth new churches across America and around the world and to help other pastors and ministers to become all that they can be for the Kingdom of God!