Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!
What We Are All About
We at CFI know that we serve an awesome God who desires to meet your every need. We offer opportunities for everyone, so join us and become a part of our great big family in Christ.

We invite you to visit any of our Sunday morning or Tuesday evening worship services and feel free to bring a friend. If you need directions on how to find the church, check out our "Directions" page.

We pray for God's rich blessings to show up in your life because you continually remain open to God's awesome plan for your life.

Calvary Fellowship International is a new breed of Word of Faith believers who are discovering the power and victory in living the Christian life!  At CFI we believe that church (and life for that matter) should be enjoyed and not just endured!


Our Vision


Our vision is to become a local body of at least 2000 Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus Christ  in the city of Carson, CA who are committed to Advancing God's Kingdom by Declaring the Word of Faith, Demonstrating the love & miraculous power of God and Discipling one million Christians to be just like Christ, here in America, and one million more in every nation that the Lord opens the door to us, as we develop into an international congregation that Takes Cities by establishing multiple locations and planting multiple congregations around the world; all the while Dominating in these cities in the Media, Politics, Education, Economics & Community Care!


In short our mission is to "Declare and Demonstrate and Make Disciple that Dominate" in their personal lives, families, ministries, careers and every area of life. This means "We are Changing (non) Christians into Christians, Christians into Champions and Champions into God's Supernatural Agents of Change"!


We are Making Disciples of Christ that
Multiply, Dominate and Make other Disciples
and Make a Difference in their world and around the world!


We hope that you will consider being a partnering with this great vision, this great disciple-making ministry and what God is doing through us here at Calvary Fellowship International.


Whether you are in the Southern California area and are considering attending church here at the Kingdom or, you are considering becoming a partner, remember, "We are the Church That Cares about the world with the God Kind of Love and We are Changing Peoples' Lives (for the better) through the God Kind of Faith!" 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What denomination are you a part of?
A: Calvary Fellowship International is a non-denominational church, not affiliated with a particular denomination. Our church has people who were raised in any number of denominations including - Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Church of God  in Christ and others. The thing that we all have in common is that we exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and we are committed to equipping people with the Word of God and flowing in the Gifts of the Spirit for the purpose of making a difference in their families, neighborhoods, places of employment, communities, nation, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Because CFI is a fairly young church, we hold our Weekend Services and Bible Studies are held at The Carson Motel 6 Hotel in Carson, CA.  The address is:  888 E. Dominguez St., Carson, CA  90746.    If you would like directions, please go to our directions page. 

Q: When are your services?
A: We have Sunday Morning Worship on Sundays at 11:o0 A.M. and Bible Studies on Wednesday at 7:00 P.M.

Q: What should I wear to church?
A: You will see all manner of dress at any given service - from jeans to dresses/suits. Come dressed in what is comfortable for you.

Q: Will I feel uncomfortable as a visitor?
A: All of our visitors tell us that they immediately feel right at home the first time they visited with us and so will you.

Q: Will I know what to do when I get there?
A: There are greeters at the door who can help direct you or answer any questions you might have.

Q: As a visitor, will I be asked to give an offering?
A: Visitors or members are never pressured to give in any offerings. Visitors are encouraged to simply be our guest and find out who we are.

Q: Do I need to become a member?
A: No, all are welcome to worship with us at Calvary International. However, we do offer scheduled membership classes for those who are interested in finding out more about opportunities to serve at CFI.

Q: Do you have special communion services?
A: Yes, on the first Sunday of every month, communion is observed during our Sunday morning service.

Q: What is the praise and worship like?
A: Calvary Fellowship International offers contemporary style music that is upbeat and heartfelt. Sometimes you might see people raise their hands during worship as an expression of their thankfulness and devotion to God.


The Church That We See

(The Vision in Action which can also be used as a Prayer/Confession)


The Church That We See WINNING...
Is a church that is using every available means  decclare the Good News of God's love and power to their FFAN's and their community by building relationships with the unchurched, sharing a verbal witness of Christ and bringing them to  Guest Friendly Sunday Services...
Is a church that demonstrates God's love and power to those who stop and listen through doing good and doing miracles, signs and wonders, and that church opens its arms wide to its guests, encouraging them to become members of God's family and that church's family; as well as becoming a member of God's team which is transforming peoples lives in their homes, the Market Place, Schools and Government...and that is Taking the City, Impacting America and Inspiring the world!
 The Church That We See WORSHIPPING...

Is an exciting, fun church where the presence of God is seen, felt and heard, as people young and mature and all in between celebrate God's goodness and greatness by the passionate worship of its people...

Is a church that stirs the hearts of its people and touches the heart of Almighty God through powerful praise, soulful solos and anointed choral, dramatic and dance presentations...

Is a church whose altars are always filled with their FFAN's and people from their community who are making quality decisions to become disciples of Christ that model Christ's character and live bold, overcoming, super-victorious and abundant Christian lives...

The Church We See CONSOLIDATING...

Is doing anything and everything it can to consolidate people of various backgrounds and ethnicities, for the Kingdom of God by binding them together in love to each other because of the common salvation and faith that they share in Jesus Christ...

Is constantly receiving powerful and practical teaching, preaching and training that is life changing for all who apply what they receive to their lives...


The Church That We See DISCIPLING...

Is growing together into a loving, committed family, as they participate in various social activities, Kingdom Principle of 12 encounters, age, gender, occupational specific and geographic Kingdom Principle of 12 small groups, learning to share with, serve and support one another, opening their homes to each other for food, fun and fellowship in varied open and closed Kingdom Principle of 12 small groups.


The Church That We See SENDING...

Is a church that commissions its members to use their talents and abilities to their fullest and rely on God's grace to make up the difference to convey God's love through practical service to the body of Christ and the world, distributing to the needy, caring for the sick, the bereaved, widows and orphans and those who are behind prison doors...

Is a church whose members rely on the Holy Spirit to demonstrate God's supernatural power through miracles, signs and wonders...

Is a church where all nine of the supernatural gifts of the Sprit are constantly in operation publicly and privately to meet the needs of God's people, because the people of that church abide in God's excellent love!

 This Church that we see by faith is our church.  It's Calvary Fellowship International!  We are Advancing God's Kingdom and Taking this city, in Jesus' Mighty name!  If you can see it, then  COME AND MAKE IT HAPPEN WITH US, in Jesus' Mighty name!