About Our Church

Calvary Fellowship International Church (CFI) is a Contemporary, Charismatic Church that equips average people to become exceptional people.  We don't mean this in an arrogant way, we just recognize that once you become a Christian, you become an exceptional person because of He that now lives in you! It is our goal to help people to begin following Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, then to discover who Christ is within them and who they are through their relationship with Him.

The best way to learn about Calvary Fellowship International Church is to attend a worship service. However we have lots of ways we like to describe CFI. Here are a few...

 CFI is:
  •  A family friendly church...Everybody Is Somebody and Nobody is a Stranger.
  • A Bible Teaching Church...you will enjoy down to earth relevant teaching.
  • Contemporary...our worship is very contemporary.
  • Casual...our dress is casual or dressy depending on you.
  • Fun...shouldn't church be just that?
  • Non-Traditional: This ain't your grandma's church!
  • Focused on Children: Calvary KidZone allows children to learn on their level.
  • A church where people far from God become Christians
  • A church where people who are Christians can grow closer to God
  • A church that is developing servant-leaders for now and the next generation

Calvary Fellowship International is a contemporary, "charismatic", Christian Church that equips average people to become exceptional people through God!  At Calvary, EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY AND NO ONE IS A STRANGER! We are a new breed of Word of Faith believers who are discovering the power and victory in living the Christian life!  At CFI we believe that church (and life for that matter) should be enjoyed and not just endured! We invite you to visit any of our weekend worship services or mid-week Bible study and feel free to bring a friend. If you need directions on how to find the church, check out our "Directions" page.  We pray that through God's grace, you will continually remain open and available to His move in your life.


Our  and Purpose, Values and Vision:


OUR PURPOSE and VALUES (Why We Exist and How We'll Behave in Fulfilling Our Purpose):


 "DISPLAYING GOD'S PASSION" (God's love) for people through loving servant acts of kindness...
 "DECLARING GOD'S PROMISES" to people of the good  news of God's Kingdom (that His gracious, generous and loving rule is available to all who will repent and believe this good news)...
 "DEMONSTRATING GOD'S POWER" thru miracles, signs & wonders)... and
 "DISCIPLING GOD'S PEOPLE" (to help these same people to become mature followers of Christ) through our Discipleship Track and Small Groups.
...and "TO TAKE CITIES", by birthing and planting churches across America and around the world that Dominate in the media, politics, economics, the arts, education and community care.


The Vision of CFI is to enable the people of Southern, CA to become bold, mature, victorious followers of Christ who together (1) Reach-out to hurting humanity, (2) Raise-up Servant-Leaders (both Kings and Priest) and Reproduce 100's of other like-minded, church planting churches in Southern California, across America & around the world!
The 14 Point Vision of Calvary Fellowship International:
 To Be a Bible  Teaching Church   To Be a Church Founded on Love
 To Be an Outreach Church  To Be a Word and Spirit Church
 To Become Mega  To On The Cutting Edge of Media
 To Be a Small Group Ministry Church  To Be a Leadership Training Church
 To Be a Christian Education Church  To Be a Miracle Healing Church
 To Be a Financial Empowerment Church  To Be a Substance Abuse Recover Church
 To Be a Church Planting Church  To Be a Church Network Building Church
We hope that you will consider being a partner with this great vision, this great disciple-making ministry and what God is doing through us here at Calvary Fellowship International. Whether you live in the Southern California area or you are considering visiting Southern California, remember:


Calvary Fellowship International is a church where...



"Everybody Is A Somebody And No One Is A Stranger"




"Miracles Happen All The Time"!